The Lost Science of Money 2nd Part - Stephen Zarlenga

Watch Online The Lost Science of Money 2nd Part / Part 2 - Stephen Zarlenga
This is part 2 of series with Stephen Zarlenga where we look deep into the fundamental concepts of money: What is money and how is it defined? What is the difference between money and credit? What is the history of money? How does it tie to religion, government and private business? Is nationalizing the money system socialist, and does this concept of money ignore "the libertarian issue"? What is FIAT money? Is there a difference between private versus nationalized banks and how they operate? Has there ever been a society on the gold standard that did not fall to slavery or serfdom? And why is any of this important for YOU to understand, and how could it possibly affect YOUR life?

Stephen Zarlenga is the founder of the American Monetary Institute (AMI) -- the leading American monetary think tank for monetary history, theory and reform. An economic historian and author, Zarlenga provides us the clearest picture of how money and monetary systems work in his incredible 2002 tome The Lost Science of Money, and he's also the author of the American Monetary Act, submitted to congress by Dennis Kucinich in March of this year. If you have not already read his book, it is an absolute must read.
So don't attack the messenger, instead go out and buy the book and learn for yourself exactly how and why those who promote the gold standard are lying to you.

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